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Canada, Beauty and the Beast returns June 1st at 8et/pt.

"All I know is that this Alec has never given me any reason to believe that he wouldn’t come through for us."

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The Many Faces of Kiera from A Minute Changes Everything

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Nothing hurts Nolan more than not knowing where his daughter is. Follow his journey through the past, and present, in the all new minisodes, #DefianceLostOnes here:

And here in Canada:

Production begins on Lost Girl season 5 with guest star Charisma Carpenter -

P O P    R O C K S ?

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Malibu Shark Attack - This Sunday at 8pm ET.

Outlander is coming to Showcase this summer!

Remember this? How long do you think this alliance will last…If you’ve not yet seen the episode you can watch it tonight at 9, or catch up online:

Watch the full Continuum season 3 premiere online:

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