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The cast of Lost Girl discuss who their favourite characters and kissers are from the series.

Anna Silk announces to fans that Season 5 will be Lost Girl’s last season.


Beautiful man.

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Kenya Rosewater - Slouching Towards Bethlehem (2x08)

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All the women of Defiance got down to work this week. Read our recap for “This Woman’s Work” here - http://www.showcase.ca/blogs/5977/defiance-recap-206-this-womans-work

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How much do you love Berlin though?

Let’s hope his return to Defiance society takes a turn for the better. New episode tonight at 10e/p.
We are sad it’s over too ladies!!Here’s our recap for the BATB Season Finale “Deja Vu” - http://www.showcase.ca/blogs/5858/beauty-and-the-beauty-on-deja-vu

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Here’s our recap for “Operation Fake Date” - http://www.showcase.ca/blogs/5788/beauty-and-the-beauty-on-operation-fake-date

Burbs fight!

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Welcome back Nolan! Now GET TO WORK.a NEW Defiance episode is on tonight at 10e/p.